Soriano Calabro is a council district of the province of Vibo Valentia and with its 3,240 inhabitants it covers 15 square km.  
Convento S. Domenico

It lies at an altitude of 268 m., at the foot of the Serre Hills, North of the Mesima Valley.Provincial Road 182 connects it to Serra San Bruno and to Vibo Valentia. You reach it through highway SA-RC (exit at Serra San Bruno) 8 km far from the city centre.
Thanks to its position it is warm in summer and not very cold in winter.

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It is surrounded by mount Collina degli Angeli and it is lapped by two streams: Caridi and Cornacchia.
The surrounding landscape is particularly breath taking thanks to the several undulations and colours of the surrounding land.

The country is rich in olive trees, oaks and chestnuts.
The sloping built up area divides into two parts: the old city centre characterized by the ruins of St. Domenic’s old Monastery and the new city centre built up after 1960 South of the old city centre.



The old part is homogeneous, made up of two-floor houses with artisan laboratories on the street floor.  

The new part instead, built up in free areas after the demolition of some damaged houses, is made up

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of three or four floor palaces with big ware-houses on the street floor which are also used as shops.

The meeting point of this little town is the former Via Roma, today called Gramsci Square, with a granite floor and its beautiful town villa in front of which the town hall, the former financial building and St. Domenic ‘s majestic sanctuary stand out.
The town hall dates back to ‘800 while the sanctuary, a local artisan masterpiece dates back to last century.